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Help with Medicare

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When you work with a Rooted Community Advisor, we don't focus on quotas or biased advice from insurance companies. We work with you to analyze your individual needs, including medications, providers, coinsurance, and premiums. Every day we work to ensure that you're provided with the highest level of coverage and we present every option you are entitled to!

Newly Eligible For Medicare?

You Don't Have To Navigate This Alone!

We're experts at guiding you through the confusing world of Medicare options. We'll go over the different parts of Medicare, explain the differences in plan types, help you apply for Medicare with the Social Security Administration, and assist with supplemental or Advantage Plan applications as well. We're compensated by insurance companies and our income is standardised by the federal government. That means you don't pay a dime, and we are completely objective as your fiduciary guide!

We'll always go the extra mile. We check for eligible discounts, help you apply for assistance programs, compare prescription drug prices, and compare provider networks for your favorite physicians. You don't need to stress about those late enrollment penalties either. Give us a call today to begin your Medicare education and application process!


Step #1: Booking an Appointment

The first step in your Medicare journey is to book an appointment with one of our advisors. Per federal guidelines we must book 48 hours in advance for Medicare Advantage discussions. We will ask for basic information such as your name, age, address, phone number, and email address. We will obtain verbal or electronic consent from you during this call. We can accommodate local office appointments, in-home visits, or telephonic and/or video conference calls.


Step #2: The Intake Process

Next, we'll need to collect some information so that we can best serve you. We'll start with a list of your medications, including dosage and frequency. Followed by your physicians including your Primary Care Physician and any specialists that you'd like to maintain a relationship with. For some products, we'll also collect general health information such as prior surgeries, chronic conditions, etc. We can collect this information via telephone, or when you check in at the office. For in-home appointments please arrange to provide this information at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.


Step #3: The First Consultation

During our first meeting, expect to be educated on the different parts of Medicare. We'll go over each topic so that you are fully informed of how everything works. We will also explain the general differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. We will then (if applicable) help you apply for Original Medicare with the Social Security Administration and book a follow-up appointment for plan selection. You will not be making any coverage decisions in this meeting.


Step #4: Applying for Benefits

During our second meeting, we'll either assist you with applying for your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan and/or Prescription Drug Policy, or your Medicare Advantage Plan. (Depending on which route you choose.) We will also help you apply for any supplemental benefits such as Dental, Vision, Hearing, Hospital, Home Healthcare, Heart Attack, Stroke, or Cancer Insurance. Once this process is completed, you're all set! We will order your cards/plan materials, and follow up with you periodically to ensure your satisfaction. An annual review is all that is needed once you've done the initial application process.

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